We specialize in treating complex conditions and restoring hope. If you're being limited by pain, incontinence, or 'old age', we are the right clinic for you.


Be you.

Advanced Therapy

Spinal Mobilization
NeuroDynamic Mobilization
Myofascial/Neural Mobilization
Neuromuscular reeducation
Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy
Mechanical Diagnosis Therapy (McKenzie)
Training in all functional deficits
Pain education


Why Entropy?

  • Enjoy 1 on 1 sessions with your physical therapist in a private, comfortable environment.
  • Sensible therapy with empowerment of the person in their own healing.
  • Exceptional care with experienced clinical specialists. 

What We Treat

We treat much more than just the pelvis, we just don't ignore the pelvis when you may be having problems elsewhere in your body

Persistent/Chronic Pain
Pregnancy and Post-Partum Issues
Pelvic pain
Low back and neck pain
Dysparunia (pain with sex)
Neurological disorders
‎Musculoskeletal disorders/dysfunctions
Urinary Incontinence
‎Fecal incontinence
Post-cancer rehab
Pudendal neuralgia
Pre- and Post-prostatectomy
‎Male pelvic pain
Sexual dysfunction
Post-surgical Rehab
Abdominal/Bladder Pain