Why should I refer my patients to Sandy and Sarah?

  • We are physical therapists with a combined 35 years experience, with a special interest in helping patients regain function and address their pain.
  • We enjoy working with physicians and investigating the latest research to make sure that our approach is well-rounded and evidence-based.
  • Our cash based model will allow for patients with high deductibles, no insurance, or conditions not typically covered by insurance to get the care they need in an affordable way.
  • Patient’s will know exactly what the cost of treatment will be. They are able to submit to their insurance for reimbursement.
  • People are surprised by the cost of health care even when insurance pays, and the insurance is covering less physical therapy despite growing evidence that physical therapy is an efficient and effective plan of care.

What do my patients need for us to work as a team for them?

In the state of Illinois, patients are required to have a prescription or plan of care from a physician, chiropractor or Advanced Nurse Practitioner AFTER an initial evaluation in order to see a Physical Therapist for further treatment. Please support the direct access to Physical Therapy legislation which would allow the public to come to a Physical Therapist without a referral.