Nearly every single person who has ever gone to physical therapy has or had a musculoskeletal disorder or dysfunction. That doesn't sound great, but it's essentially what every person who 'has bone on bone in that knee', or 'slipped a disc', or 'has a crick in the neck' has a musculoskeletal disorder or dysfunction. Our medical system likes to name things, and sometimes those names can be a bit scary. (Click here for some insight into common musculoskeletal disorders) Each one of us is made up of a beautiful symphony of bones (supporting our body), ligaments (holding our bones together passively), muscles (moving those bones!), and nerves (controlling the muscles). With all of those systems interacting, it's no wonder that sometimes someone ends up 'a little out of tune'. Luckily, if you just need a tune up, that is what we do as physiotherapists. Make an appointment with us to see what you can do to feel better today!