Low back and neck pain are two of the most common complaints in the world. Most of us will experience an episode of pain in our back or neck at some point in our lives. Sometimes the ‘crick’ goes away; sometimes it hangs around for years and becomes a part of our everyday lives. Low back and neck pain are simple, yet complicated. Very rarely is our pain brought on by something ‘traumatic’, resulting in tissue damage. Most of our pains are more chronic, and intermittent. We may get X-rays or MRIs. What most of us don’t know is that X-rays and MRIs do not show us pain. They will likely show oddities and degeneration that may or may not have anything to do with your pain.

Low back pain, like neck pain, only describes where you hurt, not why you hurt. A thorough examination by a Physical Therapist can help identify factors that are contributing to your pain every day, and give practical, inexpensive suggestions on how to stop contributing to your pain throughout the day and get you on the road to improved function and reduced (or eliminated!) pain.

Why pick Entropy Physiotherapy when there are so many options?

  • We can provide you with a comprehensive exam, of muscles, movements, postures, patterns and importantly, help you find ways to actively change those things. The best evidence for treating back and neck pain says smart movement and education are the best options. And the sooner you get started the better (fewer visits, less cost).
  • We are expert at getting people back to movement. We know that you will do best if you understand your pain and what it means. It will be work – this is not passive hot packs, ultrasound or E-stim – this is movement that will help you to be independent, active, in charge and healthy again.
  • We will not tell you that you have to come multiple times a week or even weekly for the rest of your life. We will set you up with the schedule that works for YOU. But if you need to come in frequently at the beginning we can do that as well.
  • We may use manual therapy techniques to help make moving easier. These have lots of different names and essentially work to help you to move more confidently and comfortably. (Myofascial Release, Neurodynamics, spinal mobilization, corrective exercise/movements etc…) Remember the movement is the important piece of the puzzle.

Get started today. Regardless of if this is a new pain, a familiar pain that has come back to irritate you, or a chronic/persistent pain that won’t seem to budge – we are confident we can help.