Chronic pain is tricky. There is good reason to believe that you can change your ability to move and return to those things in life that are important to you. You might need to modify things. In general we will work with you to understand the biology and complex changes that happen when a body has been in pain for over 3 months. Having pain that doesn't seem to be going away can result in a multitude of confusing diagnoses from different doctors:  fibromyalgia, degenerative disc disease, osteoarthritis.  Finding the right label is not necessarily the answer to finding what will make you feel better.   All treatment is not the same, and your history and lifestyle matter in what the final program will involve.

In general treatment will follow some basic principles:

  • We will do a careful evaluation of your motion, movement patterns, strength, sensitivity (where do you hurt and what makes it better or worse).
  • We will work with you to devise a movement and education plan that works for your life and priorities.
  • We will use a variety of manual therapy techniques that we think help to make the process easier to tolerate and that helps you to move with more ease.