“Fibro” to those familiar with it, or who have been diagnosed with it, can at first feel like it is a life sentence of doom and hopelessness. We know that it not the end of everything you have ever loved. There is excellent research and evidence that supports coming to physical therapy to get moving and to learn common sense, fun (and mostly free!) ways to keep your pain, fatigue and even the “fibro fog” under control. The therapists at Entropy Physiotherapy have extensive training and are up to date with the latest information. What is different here?

  • We will do a full screening for musculoskeletal function. We know it isn’t just one piece of you that hurts and we won’t waste your time treating just one bit at a time. It’s not “back pain” or “arm weakness” that you have, it is a real hypersensitivity that is affecting your entire body, mind and confidence. We can help.
  • Confidence. It comes when you know the cause of your pain. It helps to know that with fibromyalgia there really isn’t torn or damaged muscles. Those muscles really hurt. They really are weak sometimes. It really does move around. Your aren’t making it up, we understand and we can help you to develop the confidence that you can help yourself
  • Knowledge really is power. We will teach you how to do effective body awareness and mindful movement exercises. We can incorporate therapeutic yoga, Myofascial Release (a slow, gentle stretch and manual technique to ease the tension in the tissues and calm the nervous system) Neurodynamics and exercises to fit your taste/style
  • Importantly this is something you can learn to do for yourself. We are not going to make you dependent on us to feel healthy – we want to teach you how to care for yourself effectively, confidently and with tools that will last you a lifetime.

Call Entropy Physiotherapy and get started now to feel better, mover better and gain control of your symptoms.