We are back for our third year of the EPIC Scholarship!

EPIC is short for 'Educational Possibilities in Collaboration'.   

As clinicians, we are sometimes frustrated by the scarcity of evidence available for clinical practice.  We learned that our colleagues who are researchers and educators also share frustrations and are looking for ways to get the evidence into the hands of clinicians.  We all do better when we talk to each other!  The best advice we've ever received is 'show up and be a part of the conversation'.  

While that advice is brilliant, it's not easy.  This scholarship is easy:  You can use it to fill the gaps in your funding to get to a quality international conference, wherever that may be.  Attending conferences is one way that we connect with people doing good work, become exposed to the latest research, and have the opportunity to forge relationships that can turn into amazing collaborations and learning experiences.

 The EPIC Scholarship is the result of us attending conferences, making new friends, and new collaborations. We want to help other make connections too. 

What do you need to do?

Make a video (5 minutes or less)

o   What conference are you aiming for?
o   What are you looking to do at the conference
o   How much money do you need to attend?

Submit it to Sandy@entropy.physio by 15 December, 2019

We will announce the winner(s) on 24 December, 2019

As always, a special thank you to Lorimer Moseley for collaborating with Entropy Physiotherapy to have the first 'Cabernet Conversation'  in 2015 to fund the first EPIC scholarship. We plan on continuing the tradition to keep bringing people together to share knowledge and conversations!