Why EPIC??  EPIC is short for 'Educational Possibilities in Collaboration'.   

How do we think the EPIC Scholarship can help create 'Educational Possibilities in Collaboration'?

Attending conferences is one way that we connect with people doing good work, become exposed to the latest research, and have the opportunity to forge relationships that can turn into amazing collaborations and learning experiences.  The EPIC Scholarship is actually the result of attending conferences, which led to some pretty awesome collaboration and we want to help other make connections too. Thank you to Lorimer Moseley for collaborating with Entropy Physiotherapy to have the first 'Cabernet Conversation'  in 2015 to fund the first EPIC scholarship.

 Since 2015, we've had another EPIC night with Lorimer in 2016 and an EPIC night with Paul Hodges in March 2018.  The first EPIC night on the road will be happening in Victoria BC with Lorimer Moseley on May 3, 2018.

We have a few more EPIC ideas coming up, so stay tuned!  If you have ideas about who you'd like to see do an EPIC night, let Sarah know! 

As clinicians, we were once frustrated by the lack of evidence available to use in the clinic.  Little did we know that researchers and educators also share frustrations about getting what they know into the hands of clinicians.  The best advice we've ever received is 'show up and be a part of the conversation'.  

While that advice is simple and brilliant, it's not always easy.  This scholarship is easy:  You can use it to fill the gaps in your funding, whatever that may be.

Congratulations to our 2018 EPIC Scholarship Winners!

Rheysonn Cornilla

Natalie Kiefer



Submissions for 2018 are no longer being accepted.  Thank you to everyone who submitted for 2018 - while we couldn't give you all money, we do think you're all amazing!

If you're interested in keeping in touch with Entropy, including when we announce new scholarships are announced, sign up here!

Congrats to our 2017 Winners!

Wynne Tezak

Jilly Bond

Mitch Dizon