Running Resiliency: Injury management for all runners


Running Resiliency: Injury management for all runners

450.00 495.00

Course Date: June 16-17, 2018
Instructor: Dr. Gregory Lehman

Brief Course Description:

This two-day practical course is a thorough and extremely practical best-practice management of the injured runner.  The course emphasis is on the manipulation of load and stress management in our injured patients and integrates running biomechanical principles within the biopsychosocial framework.

 Participants will be comfortable performing a thorough analyses of all the factors contributing to stressors on a runner, gait analyses (with potential modifications) and exercise prescription for both performance and injury management.  Participants will be comfortable changing an injured runner’s training program to keep them running and will gain proficiency in designing training programs that also function as rehabilitation programs. 

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Course Objectives:

1.     Learn the common running injury risk factors and means of modifying those risk factors.

2.     Understand the biomechanics of running, how those biomechanics relate to injury and how those biomechanics can be changed.

3.     Become very comfortable and proficient in performing a treadmill analysis of a runners technique.

4.     Deliver a best evidence approach to exercise prescription for pain relief, increasing load tolerance, injury management and performance and participants will become comfortable adapting exercise programs for the individual needs of their patients.

5.     Learn how to keep a runner running when in pain and learning when a runner must rest.

6.     Learn to build physical and psychological resiliency in patients through appropriate education.

7.     Improve critical thinking skills related to the application of evidence in running injury management.

This course has been approved by the Illinois Physical Therapy Association for 12.5 CE Hours. Approval #647-7012

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