Return to Play & The Injury Prevention Continuum - Evidence Informed Decision Making - #EntropyEast


Return to Play & The Injury Prevention Continuum - Evidence Informed Decision Making - #EntropyEast

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August 28-29, 2018 (**Tuesday & Wednesday)
Instructors:   Stephen Mutch and Dr. Alan McCall
Location: 1000 Frenchtown Road, Milford, NJ  08848 in partnership
with Pro-Activity Associates

Course Description:

This two-day workshop of practical sessions, discussions and theory will cover key areas ranging from managing training loads to specific injury diagnostics and return to sport. It will ask questions of what we really understand about injury burden and prevention, raising issues about context and the shared decision-making process that facilitates optimum recovery and re-integration. Topics such as the sociology of decision-making, physical literacy, affordances and self-determination theory as they affect patients and athletes will be discussed. There will also be an examination of mechanotransduction as it relates to how we consider load management in rehab and training, and how we design programmes in light of tissue stress and risk modifiers. 

The workshop combines research with evidence-based solutions from soccer, rugby and the world of sport tackling some of the most difficult injury issues that health professionals, conditioners, sport scientists and coaches face in elite and amateur sports. 

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This course has been submitted to the New Jersey State Board of Physical Therapy Examiners for approval.

We will examine loading programs in younger populations and recreational athletes as well as within elite sports, and challenge participants in considering specific prehab, warm up and condi-tioning drills or exercises that can applied at elite and amateur levels with an eye on performance outcomes. An extensive reference list will be supplied that will be source material for much of the content contained in the workshop in addition to clinical experiences across sporting con-texts and environments. These sessions would be beneficial for those operating in sporting or performance settings, as well as healthcare clinics as they are appropriate for anyone who is in-volved in injury, sports medicine, performance, strength and conditioning or player welfare. 

These workshops will evolve to keep pace with the breath-taking wealth of published data and papers in this changing field.