Pain Coach with Richmond Stace

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Pain Coach with Richmond Stace


Date:  September 8 OR September 9, 2018 9:30am - 5:00pm
Location: Chicago, IL
Instructor: Richmond Stace MCSP MSc (Pain) BSc (Hons) BSc PGDN

Course Description:

Pain Coaching is the vehicle of delivering the positive knowledge, skills and practices to the individual who wishes to manage and overcome their pain, and live well.

We seek to get the best out of an individual by clarifying their strengths and successful styles, using practical examples. 
The Pain Coach element is the ‘know-how’. It is the way that individuals tap into their potential using skills and practices that they develop under your care. In effect, we coach the person to coach themselves to living well and meaningfully. The person gets back to living by living. In other words, together we design a programme that both interweaves into the person’s life and encourages engagement with chosen activities that foster states of flow.

The Programme contains many practical tools for people to integrate into their life — as they are encouraged to live in the best way they can, engaging in daily meaningful activities. This includes the fundamentals: understand pain, sensorimotor training, ways to reduce the potential and perceived threats, the role of hands-on treatment, mindful practice for focus and insight, the creation of inner calm and focused outer work and the skills of being well.


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Key learning and practice points

• understand pain according to the pinnacle of our knowledge
• how to use this knowledge practically in a coaching context
• principles of pain and health coaching
• applying the model of success to yourself
• understand the skills of being well
• know the practices that create the conditions to overcome and manage pain, together with living well
• overall ~ to confidently work with people suffering pain with a range of skills and tools that deliver results