Men's Pelvic Health

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Men's Pelvic Health

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Date: June 28-30, 2019
Instructors: Professor Paul Hodges, Sandra Hilton and Sarah Haag

This will be a 2.5 day course, covering anatomy and physiology of bowel, bladder and sexual function in men, as well as diving into assessment and treatment of urinary issues, sexual dysfunction, and pelvic pain.  While the course schedule is still being developed, the course will include male standardized patients for internal assessment labs, as well as labs involving real-time ultrasound assessment.


No previous experience treating male pelvic floor issues is needed.

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Course Objectives:

·      Participants will be able to perform a digital rectal exam to assess musculoskeletal function of the pelvic floor.

·      Participants will be able to describe relevant anatomy and physiology pertinent to the function of the male pelvis.

·      Participants will be able to use Real Time Ultrasound to evaluate the function of the pelvic floor.

·      Participants will be able to apply current research to choose interventions for male pelvic floor dysfunction.



This course has been approved by the Illinois Physical Therapy Association for 18.50 CE hours. Approval #647-7403

This content is not intended for use by participants outside the scope of their license or regulation.
**This course is only open to licensed healthcare providers.