Functional Therapeutic Movement - Lower extremity and Low back

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Functional Therapeutic Movement - Lower extremity and Low back

495.00 525.00

Date: October 26-27, 2019
Instructor: Ben Cormack

Course Description:

This is NOT JUST another course telling you movement is important or showing you some new exercises but a course about PEOPLE and how to actually apply movement and exercise to them in a systematic and informed way. You could describe it as clinical reasoning for exercise and rehab!

Many therapists struggle taking modern academia around pain and movement and translate it into practical application. This course will outline how to simply apply both physical & cognitively driven components for a therapeutic approach based around HUMANS rather than simply their structures. Functional Therapeutic Movement is a course designed to truly encompass a top down (cognitive) and a bottom up (physical movement) based approach to therapy.

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Course Objectives:

·      Participants will gain a better understanding of modern models of pain science and be able to explain them to patients

·      Participants will gain an increased appreciation for modern models of movement science

·      Participants will be able to design comprehensive rehabilitation programs for their patients.

·      Participants will be able to identify key factors affecting exercise adherence and plan accordingly 



This course has been approved by the Illinois Physical Therapy Association for 12 CE Hours. Approval #647-7023 

This content is not intended for use by participants outside the scope of their license or regulation.