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The Overhead Athlete's Shoulder with Martin Asker

  • Entropy Physiotherapy 1925 N. Clybourn Ave Suite 302 Chicago, IL 60614 United States of America (map)

Course Description:
This highly practical and evidence based course focus on enhancing your skills in shoulder assessment and effective rehabilitation strategies to manage the most common shoulder injuries seen in overhead athletes. Further, this course will also address how to enhance performance and preventive strategies for shoulder injuries, for both the youth athlete to the senior athlete. The course explores throwing biomechanics, provides an overview of how biomechanics and workload are linked to shoulder injuries and performance and how to implement and address this in a clinical setting.

 The course is open for practitioners looking to deepen their knowledge in injury mechanisms and management of shoulder injuries as well as performance enhancement with focus on overhead athletes.



Learning Outcomes

- Understand throwing mechanics and throwing related injuries

- Understand the latest research relating to the mechanisms and aetiology of shoulder injuries and throwing performance how this applies to clinical management

- Demonstrate accurate and objective diagnosis and assessment of shoulder injuries seen in overhead athletes (including differential diagnosis and assessment of kinetic chains, flexibility, strength, biomechanics and power)

- Set up rehabilitation strategies for shoulder injuries and return to play criteria/tests for overhead athletes

- Understand how to monitor sport specific workload in overhead athletes and how to implementing this in the clinical setting

 - Understand how to build training programmes that increase both performance and reduce risk of shoulder injuries