Why Should You Come to Neil's Course?

This is an update of a blog we posted last year....  It's exciting that we didn't have to change much, as Neil will be returning to Entropy in July 2016!!  If you missed him last year, don't miss him again!  Neil O'Connell will be popping across the pond this July to hang out in Chicago, and come have a chat at Entropy Physiotherapy.  Sandy and I have invited Neil to come and help us understand how to not just read, but interpret 'evidence' correctly.  You don't have to go far into Twitter, Facebook, or any number of blogs to see 'evidence' thrown around to support a chosen view.  But how can you tell if the evidence is sound?  Reading the whole article is a good place to start, but understanding what makes a study strong is a whole other level.  Neil will help us understand how to tell if that study is any good, if it can support the claims the conclusion makes, and how to apply the study to true 'evidence based practice'.


Also, there will be a headstand competition...  Neil kicked my butt in Buenos Aires (I will NEVER again underestimate my opponent), and he totally called me out by name on CynicalPT's blog. So in case you needed another reason to come have a great weekend at Entropy, you can see the rematch of the year:  Dr. Neil O'Connell vs. Sarah the PT in a headstand challenge! I've had another year to train....  So this one will be epic.


You can sign up now and reserve your spot!  We're keeping the course small, so there's plenty of time for arguing/debating the finer points of evidence in the world of PT!

See you there!!


And Neil, I've been practicing.... IMG_2528