Why Entropy??

We get several different reactions when we say that we just opened a clinic, and it's called, 'Entropy Physiotherapy & Wellness'. The first bit that seems to baffle people is 'Entropy'. Some people look confused. One guy grinned a little, but then couldn't remember why he would know what entropy is.

Entropy is the third law of thermodynamics. (Thanks, Mr. Kruse, my physics teacher at Bradley-Bourbonnais Community High School, for making this make sense). Entropy simply put is the tendency of the world to get messy. It is natural for us to seek the state which requires the least amount of energy to maintain, which also tends to be the most 'disordered'. Think of sitting up straight vs. slouching. One takes a bit of effort, but looks lovely and orderly. The slouching you do not even need to be conscious to do (no energy, lots of disorder).

All of that being said, Entropy is what happens to most of us when we have that crick, hitch, ouch, or even that incapacitating sciatica. It wasn't a traumatic event. But it also didn't really even hit us out of the blue (even if it feels like it did). As a very wise man once said (Morten!!), most of our pains took years of careful preparation.

So why Entropy? Mostly because we're falling apart in one way or another. Thankfully, entropy is a reversible process.

Once we have adequately explained entropy, the next question is: What's Physiotherapy?

Other than sounding just a bit more sophisticated than 'PT' or 'physical therapy', it is what every other country calls the profession that specializes in physical rehabilitation. And we just like it.