The Joys of Motherhood

Having a baby is usually a joyous time of celebration.... We see it all the time in movies: a new mum wearing her skinny jeans with a perfectly happy baby perched on her hip, heading to the park or out around town. This is what it's supposed to be like, right? New mothers are all too aware that this isn't actually the way it is... Bits of you hurt that you didn't know existed. Picking up the baby, not to mention the diaper bag, can be a challenge! Holding your bundle of joy to feed him or her, as well as snuggle and comfort them can leave you with achy shoulders or tender wrists.

Getting back to exercise can also be a challenge! Once you manage to find time to go exercise, you may find that your muscles aren't working like they used to, or that maybe you feel a little pressure in your pelvis with exertion. Maybe you're noticing that little leak of urine that maybe your mom or your friends mentioned...  There is much of this that is common after having a baby, but it's not normal.

There is help.  Even if your doctor told you 'it's normal, and will get better on it's own', a Women's Health Physical Therapist can help you manage or eliminate any of the uncomfortable bits of motherhood.

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P.S.  It's never too late!!  Even if your baby has a baby of their own, if you've been dealing with issues since pregnancy or the birth of a baby, there is help!  Contact the Experts at Entropy Physiotherapy today!