Happy New Year! Now about those resolutions...


crossing the finish lineHappy New Year!  It’s the first day of 2014….  Have you set any New Year’s Resolutions?? More often than not, resolutions include:  eat better, lose weight, and be healthier…


These are admirable goals, and most of us do need to strive to be healthier.   However, many would agree, that the same resolution will be set again next year.  Why?  We all face our individual barriers, run into our own obstacles, and sometimes life just gets in the way.


Entropy Physiotherapy and Wellness is here to help!


Common difficulties in meeting fitness goals include:  pain, not having fun, and not being sure how to go about meeting those goals.


We can help with all of those obstacles!


  •  Pain is not a normal result of exercise, and you really should be feeling ‘good’ while you’re going your work out.  Yes, you may be sore later, but you should also be able to function the next day!
  •  Is leaking urine keeping you from running or participating in aerobics or kickboxing class? There’s help for that!  There's help for the high level athletes that leak too.  If your goal is the intensity of CrossFit we get it, and we can keep you powerful and dry too!
  • Lack of motivation or shyness of going to the gym can also be a barrier.  Or financially, committing to a gym can be daunting.  There are so many, low-cost, enjoyable activities that you can do at home or outside, by yourself or with some motivated friends.  We are here to get you to your best and help you reach your goals.




Think of us like the ‘Genius Bar’ for your body.  Many aches and pains that people attribute to age, weight, or just being ‘normal’ aren’t actually normal or due to age or your weight.  Come talk to us about your goals, and we can help you get there.