Below Your Belt: Unlocking the Mysterious Box

Last Friday, we had the honor of hosting the Women's Health Foundation for a Girls' Night Out.  The topic?  The Mysterious Box below our belts.  The Women's Health Foundation is the most passionate champion for women's pelvic health in the country, and there's a lot to be said about keeping the pelvis healthy.  Many people already know about the Total Control Program, but there is more to pelvic health than continence! Friday, we were able to talk a little bit about the sensuous side of the pelvis.  I gave a talk on the Anatomy and Physiology of Orgasm.  I was given 15 minutes, and overestimated the amount of stuff I could say…  So if anyone wants to chat about orgasms, stop by Entropy and we can work something out...

Lucky for the full house, I was followed by the energetic Rachel Fiske, who took us through some gentle yoga, helping the group increase our pelvic awareness.  Her talk, 'The Key to the Home of the Goddess', was the perfect balance of movement and education.  I also learned my new favorite pelvic floor contraction cue:  Imagine a little kiss.  Much more inviting than 'contract like you want to stop the flow of urine'.

The evening ended with the eloquent Elsbeth Meuth, educating us on how to 'Boost Your Yoni Health with Tantric Infused Practices'.  We spent a glorious 25 minutes becoming aware of our pelvic energy, and that awareness can infuse the whole body with increased sensitivity and appreciation.

The Women's Health Foundation does know how to throw a great party:  wonderful food and wine, fun women who are looking to learn, and a program that encompassed different aspects of our pelvic awareness, health, and enjoyment.  My only question is:  When do we get to do this again?

Special thanks to the Women's Health Foundation for including Entropy Physiotherapy in this wonderful night!!